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Reading strategies for conduction your essay research

If you are headed into collecting information for your essay without a strategy, you are bound to get lost in the plethora of information and still end up with little to no useful information. Finding the right information and the sources is tasking depending on the specificity and the range of the subject of the essay. Even when you sift through the information and find the right sources you still need to take out the information from your source.

You can ask a free essay writer to help as you take a deep dive into the text, or you can learn effective reading strategies on your own. There are many reading strategies that you can follow that will allow you to fish out the right information for your essay. One of the most common strategies that many students follow and many instructors advise their students to follow is the SQ3R.



What is SQR3?

It is a strategy and a tool that is used to approach a text whether a book or an article with prescribed goals. Allowing the readers to sift out the useful information and its context, while also helping them to place the information in a body of information.

The SQ3R stands for Survey, Question, Read, Recall, and Review.

Applying the SQ3R technique

This technique is applied in steps, sequentially beginning from servery and ending with the review process. This technique can be applied to research papers and articles, as well as academic books and other sources used in collecting the information for the essay writing service.

Conducting the survey of the text.

The survey requires you to check the index and the content of the essay to see if the information you require is there within. You can look for the related words in the index and the content page to see if you can find the information that you require.

If you find the related information, turn to the mentioned page and see if the information is relevant by skimming over it.

Questioning the text

The questions that you should ask about the text should include the Why, What, and Who. Ask yourself about the author and his/her credibility or authority; whether the subject tackles the main arguments of the write my essay; what parts are relevant to the essay; and its relevance.

Reading the text

You shouldn’t read the text from start to finish the first time around. This way you won’t be able to absorb the text critically. First, you need to skim through the text, some people read over the text in one go before actually taking notes and reading closely. While others prefer to go over it twice: once going over the headings, the introductions, and the conclusions, and the second time, skimming through the text.

After they get a rough idea about what they should expect to form the text and are familiar with the organization of the information they start reading closely, taking notes.

Recalling the text and the ideas

A good way to supplement your writing is to write a summary of what you have read. This allows you to look at the summary and recall what the text was about even when you come to it after a long time. This allows you to reflect on the information and come up with your own idea.

Review your notes

The last step is for you to go over your notes and see if you can expand upon a piece. The information can be checked for its completeness so contact online essay writer, that you can read into other sources, while you have the time to collect more information.


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