Flac to aiff converter

Allow encoder to generate non-Subset files. The resulting FLAC file may not be streamable or might have trouble being played in all players (especially hardware devices), so you should only use this option in combination with custom encoding options meant for archival. The software helps in converting AIFF files to supported output formats. The audio formats supported by this software include AIFF, AC3, MP3, OGG, WAV, WMA, AAC, etc. You cannot add more than one file in the software for conversion. There are additional settings that you can change like sample, channels, audio quality and audio codec. At this moment I'm more interested in a Windows utility but you are free to recommend OS X ones. Please use different answers for different tools. Provide professional editing functions to fully customize the output future more tips here flac2aiff The Best flac2aiff online Related Posts: Q: What is DRM and why should I care that HDtracks offers DRM-free music A: DRM stands for Digital Rights Management. It is a system that restricts people from using their music in a variety of ways and is generally frowned upon by music fans. DRM locks you into a certain hardware brand for the life of the music file. By cutting DRM out of the equation, we have enabled HDtracks users to play their files on any portable player system they wish. back to top

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